Photonic Energetics - Testimonials

We are grateful that many customers have chosen to share their experiences in using the Photonic Energetics PE-1. We share these testimonals to provide some of the possibilities and benefits of appropriate light therapy and how it may improve ease and quality of life. We do not imply that anyone will have any specific type of benefit. These experiences are individual and the benefits received do vary from user to user. Photonic stimulation is a complementary therapy and is not a substitute for professional health care. We recommend  that a competent, professionally licensed health care professional be consulted for diagnosis or treatment of any significant health concern or disorder.

The Photonic Energetics unit was tested by my wife on her aching hand. She is a flower designer and has persistent pain for about two months.  It was sometimes so bad, she couldn’t squeeze a toothpaste tube. I don’t think she followed the procedure for acupressure points such as in the feet, but I am not sure.  Anyway the next morning she woke up with no pain!

Best Regards,  Ted W.  Santa Clara, CA

From a family in Maryland….

A friend loaned us a PE-1 light therapy unit to try on our Bernese Mountain Dog, when she was having trouble walking. She started walking better and with less pain. Everyone in the house found some use for it and they continue to ask when we are getting one, so we decided to buy our own unit. I had dental surgery and used the light unit to support the healing process. The dental surgeon who was doing my implant asked what I had been doing – because the tooth was way beyond where he expected it to be in the healing process!  Robin M., Rockville, MD

I have found the PE-1 to be an amazing and simple device that accelerates healing. R.S. - Husband

Really works quickly to resolve pain.  M.S. - Son

This Thanksgiving I was feeling very bad in the morning from the Lyme’s disease complications.  Had a headache that I had to sleep off too.  The light box helped remove pain lines from my face, and relaxed muscled.  I used settings F and I.  One cousin used the box on her knee for arthritis/tendonitis.  Jennifer's Uncle, Bill, used it on his shoulder for a similar problem.  Both said it helped them feel better! 

Tuesday has been an excellent day.  I made gains in late afternoon following the second dose of light box at frequency “F” followed by “I.”  I split the light sessions up into 15 minute increments and focused on the base of my skull, my shoulders, and up and down my spine.  I did not do much of “C” frequency due to time constraints this afternoon because company came by.  I did a little bit of work on neurofibromas in my hands and feet. I still have lots of inflammation throughout my body but the light helps with the worst of it.

Kevin B.,  Pomeria, SC

I believe this machine and the therapy are both great for a variety of issues.  This machine is particularly helpful because of the way it is calibrated and the number of frequency settings offered.  I used a machine that did not have frequency setting options and it made me disoriented and light headed.  I use the highest power setting of 10 with most people and find that safe and successful. 

Also, I used the Photonic unit on my knee that I had injured that was very painful and was slow healing. I first used it one evening and the next morning and did not notice a difference.  However, the next night I applied 15 minutes of the rotating pulsing light, setting J, and the next day I was pain free. 

I have used this machine with patients for a number of disorders and the only one who was not helped was a chronic tinnitus patient.  Some success include: sciatica relief, ankle and knee swelling, knee ache with unknown origin, ovarian cyst healing (the cyst was gone next time she was checked after a few sessions of 15 minutes),  plantar fascitis relief (after one session with one patient).  Continued use over a period time seems to work best with most people.  This could range from 3 - 5 sessions to 10-15. 

The device comes with good documentation about which setting to use for various issues.  Also, Larry has been very available and very helpful in answering questions about specific cases.  The detailed research documentation that is provided with the unit is helpful. I have two machines.  I use one in my office and for myself and "rent" the other one to people I trust to use it responsibly with some basic instruction.

Lori A., PhD  Carbondale, CO

Hi, my name is Rodney Woolford, age 52, and I have been competing in sports since age 14.  I have done track and field, swimming, waterpolo, soccer, cricket, triathalon, sailing, bobsledding and golf.  Since I grew up in Trinidad, I also did many limbo contests!!  Limbo knees have plagued me since my wild youth.  I am a two time Olympic athlete and a consultant for the film "Cool Runnings".

When you have competed in this many sports there are bound to be injuries and they add up!  I have tried almost every topical analgesic, anti inflamatory pills.  Side effects from smelly to ache in the belly.  

I was eager to try the Photonic Energetics Light Device when my friend Nancy M. brought it to me. After using it on my sore back, I felt relief in a few minutes.  I took it home and even the "limbo knees" got better.  I work now as a professional physical trainer.  I also tried it on several of my training clients.  Each of them reported quick pain relief with no side effects.  The good effects have been long lasting. 

Rodney W.,
II Time Olympiad  Chicago, IL

I am 72 years old and my friend and colleague Nancy M. has graciously loaned me her Photonic Energetics light therapy device. I recently I had surgery to open my carotid artery. The operation went well and I was under anesthesia for two to three hours.  The recovery process was difficult, however.  My neck hurt, and moving my head around to drive hurt.  The worst problem was daily blinding headaches centering on the back of my head.  I could not read or look at a computer screen for more than a minute.  Once I got one, I had to lie down, which made work or any other activity difficult.

Three weeks after the surgery I attended a big Family Systems conference.  I was scheduled to work at the conference as a volunteer taking attendance and helping presenters.  By the second day, the headaches and neck soreness became unbearable.  I wanted to stay at the conference, but had decided that I would have to go home because I felt so sick.  Nancy found me a couch and we tried the photonic energetics device on my inflamed neck surgical wound and the back of my head.  Neither of us knew if it would help but I was willing to try anything!  I didn't think I could even drive myself home..

After about twenty minutes, I felt well enough to eat lunch.  I went to the afternoon seminars, signed people in,  and sat in the back of the room with the device on my neck and head.  There were no side effects and the pain remained under control.  After using the light device that night, I felt well enough to attend the rest of the conference.  I kept the device with me and plugged it in if I felt even a twinge in my neck or head.

After the conference I was able to drive home.  The inflamed surgical scar was not inflamed any more and healed rapidly after two days use.  The headaches gradually went away after a week of daily use of the photonic device.  The head pain has not returned.  After three days I could drive and use the computer without any pain. 

Nancy brings it to local meeting and lets me use it on my arthritic feet.  It helps.  I am saving my nickels to buy one for myself! 

Jan L., LCPC, CADC   Chicago, IL

The Photonic light therapy has been of great help with reducing the pain in my thumb, that I injured years ago when handling a horse and my thumb got entangled in the reins. The injury required surgery and a metal screw to stabilize the joint. Problems with arthritis have built up over the years and I have had increased stiffness and pain with it. The pain and stiffness have dramatically reduced after the couple of sessions we did with the light therapy. Thank you.

R.P.  North Carolina

My clients are loving Photonic Energetics unit! We are using it individually and in conjunction with the scalar energy chamber with impressive results.

Lilli B., PhD   Fairfield, IA

I LOVE the Photonic Energizer Unit! I can easily have up to four sessions a day, and I notice that I am feeling lighter, happier, and less worried about life. I also notice increased opening in my back, behind my heart, evidenced when I do yoga, which I feel this is an outer expression of healing in the heart. My first exposure was private.  It included one general treatment and then a specific one toward neurological repair in my brain/eye area. The immediate effect was deeply soothing, my body was deeply at rest and although fully aware, I was in a state of suspension, very like a meditation state. Time passed VERY swiftly.  I felt as if I had been energetically ''groomed'. The neurologically treatment was even more intense in this expansion of consciousness experience both during and after.  I have had a number of experiences that  I would describe as increased mental efficiency and less strain in doing previously difficult activities. A sort of mental 'super-fluidity'. My second treatment was general and left me feeling again, very smooth, expanded and yet present and grounded at the same time. Thank you so much for making this extraordinary creation available to us.
J. H. Fairfield IA.

When I arrived for the light therapy session, I could barely walk, my feet and toes were in such sharp throbbing pain. After the light machine, they were still in pain but less. I could walk without wincing and I could press on the accelerator of the car and the brake without searing pains.
L.W.  - Iowa

During the sessions, I noticed sensations started in large muscle groups, the sinus area, behind eyes, throat, points in the brain, eyes, ears bottom back of the solar plexus etc. The overall experience was relaxing and that of information being received by the body.
D.H.   Iowa

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