Photonic Energetics Model PE-1


Sunlight is the principle form of energy enabling key biological reactions in both the plant and animal kingdoms and thus enables life to thrive on earth. Light is essential to life and, through various techniques, has been used therapeutically for centuries. Modern research into light therapy for over 40 years has proven that specific bands of light can evoke powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissues and organisms. Both visible red and invisible infrared light have been shown to effect at least 24 different positive changes at a cellular level. Every living cell absorbs, stores, and emits light. Light signals are intricately involved in cellular biochemical reactions. Different wavelengths of light have body tissue specific absorptive properties and stimulate key cellular processes that result in increased cellular metabolism, cell maintenance and repair. Modern superluminous LED technology pulsed at Nogier bio-resonate frequencies is a safe and highly effective technique to deliver the many health benefits of light therapy to the entire body. 



The above chart describes the process of cellular light absorption and some of the key resulting biochemical events stimulated by light absorption. Increased ATP production results and a cascade of intercellular processes are energetically elevated.




The Photonic Energetics Model PE-1 is portable and can be setup in a variety of positions or can be easily used as a handheld device. The controls are accessed from the front and side panels and setup is quick and simple.

 Research indicates that light therapy may be beneficial in several key areas:

  • Inflammatory conditions (such as bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, rhrinitis and chronic inflammation associated with Lymes disease, and other infectious disorders ). Acceleration of recovery of inflamed muscular and connective tissues resulting from athletic overexertion or other strenuous  activities.
  • Wound care and tissue repair (such as diabetic ulcers, venous ulcers, bedsores, mouth ulcer, acne, bone fractures, tendon ruptures, damaged ligaments, torn cartilage, surgical procedures etc). Reduction in scar tissue formations from old or slow healing injuries.              
  • Pain control (eg. low back pain, neck pain, and pain associated with inflammatory conditions  � carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, neuropathy, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, shingles and post-herpetic neuralgia, and complex regional pain disorders).                              
  • Stimulation of acupuncture points on the skin which can promote improved physiological  body functions. This can stimulate the healing processes through increased release of endorphins, modulation of adrenal gland activity, normalization of immune system activity, and autonomic nervous system stabilization.
  • Neurological normalization -- light therapy can help reduce problems associated with either an over aroused or under active nervous system.
  • Beneficial for both humans and pets. Appropriately used, it is safe for children and for the elderly.
  • Photonic Energetics PE-1 Product Key Features
  •  140 superluminous LEDs - high density, high power array
  •   5 wavelengths - far red through infrared spectrum
  •   Pulse and direct mode selectable
  •   10 selectable bio-resonant Nogier derived pulse frequencies
  •   Auto sequence random frequency select mode
  •   Automatic shutdown 15 minute timer with audible tone alert and manual restart
  •   High quality ergonomic design and construction
  •   Fully padded carrying case and 120V AC - 12 V DC 4 Amp power adapter included 
  •   12 volt car adapter and high capacity 5000mAH rechargeable field battery packs       are available as options
Price $1600.00 (US)
(Comparable products may sell for over $1800 and higher)
Volume pricing is offered
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