Photos of the Photonic Energetics Model PE-1 Dynamic Light Therapy Unit 

PE-1-left-side-view-small.jpg            PE-1-front-panel---small.jpg  

Model PE-1 Left  Side View                               Model PE-1 Front Side View  


PE-1-right-side-view---small.jpg   PE-1-Top-view---small.jpg  

Model PE-1 Right Side View                                   Model PE-1 Top Side View  


PE-1-Top-view--handheld---s.jpg   PE-1travel-bag.jpg  

Model PE-1 Top Side View                                   Model PE-1 Travel Case

PE-1-AC-Power-Adapter.jpg PE-1-battery-kit.jpg

Model PE-1 AC Power Adapter                    Model PE-1 High Capacity Battery Kit


PE-1-field-bag.jpg   Patient_1.jpg

Model PE-1 Field Case                               Client Treatment Session   


Bella_1.jpg     Bella_2.jpg


Bella enjoying the Lightbox


PE-1_dark_view.jpg    PE-1_darkview2.jpg

Model PE-1 Dark View 1                                Model PE-1 Dark View 2





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